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Jun 22, 2021

Breaking News: Discover How to Permanently Replace “Toxic” Food Ingredients With Healthier Alternatives

Written By: Anthony Alayon
C.F.T., C.S.N., & Best Selling Author

In yesterday’s email, I explained the problem we have when it comes to hidden ingredients in our so-called health foods.  Many people think their food is healthy but it has been tainted with ingredients nobody knows about.  It really all comes down to the “other ingredients” section of the food label.

I like to refer to this as the “dark side” of the nutrition label.  This is WHY my mother got sick last summer, which drove me to find a solution to this problem. You see, we place so much emphasis on proteins, carbs and fats that we don’t realize all of the other “hidden” ingredients in our food.

The same ingredients in all of these boxed-up, food diets were harming my mother and DAMAGING her health. Even though my mother was losing weight, her body was not able to handle all of these TOXIC ingredients. I realized there was a whole underground system of shady food business practices that they never tell us about.

These giant corporations know that if this LEAKS to the public, their profits and stock prices would drop faster than rain drops from the sky on a stormy day! This of course set me on a collision course with the truth.  The truth about what’s really in the foods that we eat.

After 5 months of researching and consulting some of the top nutritionists in the world, I discovered there are around 101 TOXIC ingredients we eat every day that is RUINING our health.  And I made it my duty to reveal them to YOU so you don’t have to SUFFER like my mother did.

It was through this eye-opening real life experience that I uncovered a unique trick…

An easy-to-use system of uncovering these harmful, poisonous food ingredients that are damaging our health every single day. So I decided to create a SUPER simple 4 step food label decoder, that ANYBODY can use, to SOLVE this scary problem once and for all:

Here is a basic breakdown. Let’s take the EVIL ingredient that I am sure you have never heard of before…NEOTAME.

Toxic Food Ingredient Example:
Neotame (The Silent Killer)

Because of its close relationship to Aspartame, medical researchers believe it could lead to many of the same health problems caused by Aspartame, to include: skulls

As You Can See The World’s First and ONLY Food Label Decoder Can Instantly Uncover Practically Any “Hidden” Ingredient in Your Food and Replace it With a Healthier Alternative So That You CAN…

  • Burn Off Up to 232% More Stubborn Belly Fat in HALF The Time.
  • Activate ALL of Your Body’s Fat Burning Hormones
  • Cleanse Your Body From Dangerous Toxins FOREVER…
  • Protect Your Heart and Normalize Your Blood Pressure
  • Improve Your Memory and Defeat Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Supercharge Your Energy Levels to Feel Like Your 20 Again
  • Heal Your Body from Aches and Pains So That You Can Move Freely Again
  • Fight Diabetes and High Blood Sugar
  • Plus, TONS of Other Health Benefits…

Using this simple 4-step system is the easiest, fastest, and most powerful way to distinguish which food ingredients are “toxic” to your overall health and which are healthy to consume. 

There are hundreds, even thousands, of such toxic ingredients that food manufactures use, and it could take you months or maybe even years to dissect all of that information.

-Would you like to know the exact foods you must avoid to eliminate heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis?

-Do you want to know what foods you should be substituting for the toxic variations to burn 232% more fat, heal your joints, protect your heart, improve your memory and look 10 years younger?

-Wouldn’t it be cool to have a reference guide available at your finger tips anytime you saw a strange ingredient on a food label that you didn’t recognize?

-You have to admit this is something that you and your family’s health could benefit from, don’t you agree?

Hear What Other’s Have Had to Say About The
World’s First & Only Toxic Food Label Decoder

So you’re probably wondering if other people have used this to get results…right?

Well, in tomorrow’s email, I’m going to give you some testimonials on people who have used this solution to help them have more energy, lose more stubborn fat, slow down the aging process, burn up to 232% more calories, cleanse their body from toxins and heal joint pain.

So stay tuned for tomorrow’s email as it will be epic!  You Won’t Want to Miss This.




P.S.- In case you missed my update from yesterday’s email I sent you, here it is again below:

Update #1: Developing Story: New Research Shows TOXIC Food Ingredients Are Making Us Fat, Sick and Sluggish