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Health Alert: Decode The Sticker on Your Produce and Know If It’s Organic or Contains Pesticides

In the beginning, I didn’t even realize these simple little “PLU” stickers had a purpose. Most of us just rip them off right before we wash whatever fruits and veggies we just bought from the store.

But they do more than just tell the cashier the price…

They’re a decoder and a secret weapon that you can use to tell if your fresh fruits or vegetables are organic or grown with pesticides.

The easiest way to do decode frutis and veggies is to follow the explanation below:

Banned Food 2_Apples_r2

If there are only 4 numbers on the PLU sticker, then this specific fruit or vegetable was grown traditionally using herbicides and pesticides.

If there are “5” numbers on the PLU sticker and it begins with the number “9”, then the fruit or vegetable was grown organically.  Organic is the way to go, especially when buying your fruits and veggies.

In fact, some fruits are so heavily doused with pesticides and these toxic ingredients that the workers have to wear HAZMAT suits…

Really, I kid you not.  Here’s a picture just to show you the truth…


When you make simple little changes like the one I described above, it’s so much easier to burn off as much fat as you want without having to change your diet or perform endless aerobics.  Plus, protect yourself from most man-made diseases, cut down on your risk of getting the common cold, boost your metabolism, improve your gut health, and even calm the inflammation in your joints.

Stay tuned because tomorrow, I’m going to let you in behind the curtain of something revolutionary I’ve been working on…

A simple 4-step solution that will allow you to detect any one of the most common 101 Toxic Food Ingredients found in your food this very second. And the best part is this 4-step solution will list out all the foods that contain any specific toxic food ingredient, tell you what to avoid, and give you better options to use in place.

Talk soon,

Your Friend & Coach,

Anthony Alayon

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