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Anthony Alayon – Health & Fitness Expert. Best Selling Author and Certified Sports Nutritionist

It’s Anthony Alayon here from 101 Toxic Food Ingredients and I wanted to say thank you and congratulations for taking this eye-opening questionnaire. You’re 1 of over 50,000+ men and women across the world who’ve taken part to see if their favorite foods, even their favorite “healthy” foods contain hidden, toxic ingredients.

Pat yourself on the back for taking a big step forward in the right direction. Most individuals would never do such a thing, but you did and I want to commend you on it.

It’s a sad when you discover most of the foods you might be eating are chock-full of FDA approved toxic chemicals proven to cause diseases such as cancer, Alzheimers, arthritis, diabetes, high cholesterol and even heart disease.

Yet again, by taking part in this questionnaire, you’ve taken a huge step in the right direction in reclaiming your health and shielding your body from disease.

Based on your results, there is a good chance your body might be hoarding these toxic food ingredients inside of your fat cells right now. That’s actually how your own body protects itself from the huge influx of chemicals found in your favorite foods.

It’s the same thing that happened to a close, personal family member of mine – my own mom who had to be rushed to the hospital twice in a few short weeks all from the buildup of these same toxic chemicals…

Read this SHOCKING story below so the same will never happen to you. Plus, discover the simple solution I discovered that allowed her to turn back the hands of time with ease while also protecting her body from these dangerous, toxic ingredients for good.

And how now you can do the same…

Did you know some of your favorite foods, even “health” foods contain hidden, toxic food ingredients? Read this entire ‘whistleblowing’ article and discover how to protect you and your family from these deceitful lies.

“Discover The Deadly Dark-Side Of “Healthy” Food Labels And The Simple 10 Second Solution You Can Use To Uncover The Hidden TOXIC Ingredients That Are Ruining Your Life And Destroying Your Health…”

Plus… Eliminate your risk of heart disease, KILL cancer cells, destroy diabetes, fight Alzheimer’s, prevent arthritis and even lose more fat following the advice in this article…

FACT: 1 in 3 women will get cancer in their lifetime. 1 in 2 men will also develop cancer in their lifetime. (American Cancer Society. Cancer Facts & Figures 2015. Atlanta, GA: American Cancer Society; 2015.)

FACT: 1 in 2 people are now at risk for heart disease and obesity levels are at all time high. 1. Sources: CDC.gov – Heart Disease Facts (American Heart Association – 2015 Heart Disease and Stroke Update, compiled by AHA, CDC, NIH and other governmental sources)

FACT: These dangerous facts are not just because of poor genetics or lifestyle factors, but the hidden and toxic food ingredients found in most common foods…including foods labeled as “healthy.”

FACT: The truth is you and your family could be consuming up to 101 “Hidden” TOXIC Ingredients every single day. Ingredients that are RUINING your health without even knowing it, and it’s all happening to you ONE bite of healthy food at a time.

THE SOLUTION: The Super Easy-To-Use 4 Step Solution That Decodes Your Food Labels—And It’s Revealed On This Very Page …

You Heard it Right…

The whistle is finally being blown on the ‘Bully-Like’ practices of the major food monopolies…

And how they’re cheating you out of your prized health, longevity, and vitality. Not to mention they’re ROBBING you of your hard earned money without you even realizing it…

There are literally thousands of food items at the grocery store you probably eat EVERY single day that will cause you to get the very same diseases that many have already gotten as a result of not knowing the truth about what is really inside your food.

This is outrageous when you realize what is happening but the truth about food ingredients is hard for many to accept.

And it’s not like I’m just pulling all of this out of thin air…

In fact, someone very close to me – my mother – had an episode that shook me to my core and thrust me into the research field about all of the hidden and deadly toxic ingredients in our foods.  Here’s the story of how my mother almost “lost her life” because of something that the doctors themselves could NOT explain until now…

It All Started On A Hot Summer Day
In Sunny Tampa, Florida

The rain was beating against the window and the lightning was striking. The sky was filled with clouds as they usually are during this time of year. Then we got the phone call… emergencyIt was my mother Debra stating that one of her co-workers was driving her to the hospital because her chest pains were unbearable. My father Manuel immediately called me and told me the terrifying news. I was lost for words.  I didn’t know what to think.

Was she having a heart attack?

Was this going to be the last time I see my mother?

Will I at least get to speak to her one last time? All of these thoughts were racing through my head as I drove to the hospital.

After running several tests on her, the doctor’s concluded there was no severe damage but they also could not explain what caused these pains. Boy was I thankful and happy to hear those words. But then I started to think to myself… What actually caused these pains? My mother does not have a ton of stress in her life.

No more than the average person her age. A week later, I thought things would go back to normal, but boy was I wrong! She ended up having to go BACK to the hospital a 2nd time in less than a month. The doctors gave us the run around and could not explain it.

Being the “health nut” that I am, I decided to take matters into my own hands. I began asking my mother questions such as what her diet looks like.  She told me she was following one of those popular diets advertised in magazines and commercials. I won’t mention the company’s name for several reasons but I can tell you my mother lost over 25 pounds on this diet.

However, if she was losing weight, wouldn’t it make sense that she would be healthy and filled with energy? I later discovered she was eating a lot of microwavable dinners. I decided to put my thinking cap on and examine this. I’ll explain what I uncovered in just a minute but first, let’s go over your score.

Here’s What Your Toxicity Score Means…

So if you scored between 90-100, then you are in a PERFECT situation or what I like to call the “Hummingbird Effect.” There’s a good chance you have a healthy metabolism, rarely suffer from sleep problems, energy crashes and are generally a happy person. You have optimal vibrant health and are the envy of your friends and family.

If you score between 70-90, then there’s a slight issue with toxicity buildup inside of your body. You’re generally a healthy person, but you’re starting to feel the effects of aging in some parts of your body. Whether that’s your mental capacity or physical capacity. This is the time to reign in your health with just a few small changes to your overall diet that can have a lasting impact on your life, while even slowing down or stopping the aging process dead in it’s tracks.

And if you scored between a 0-69, well then I need to make a visit to your house and watch you like hawk to see what you eat everyday. In all seriousness though, if this were your score, then I would bet my bottom dollar that your body is secretly storing more and more toxic chemicals in your fat stores every single day.

Now, let’s discuss what you can do to rid your body of harmful toxins forever.


You see, I already knew what kinds of proteins, carbs and fats were needed in order to lose weight and be healthy.

However, what was fishy was all of the other ingredients that they never mention to you. Heck, I could barely pronounce them, as the words were so large and confusing. After a weeks’ worth of research, it finally hit me like a ton of bricks. It was staring at me the whole time!

 I realized all the “so-called” health foods, and the very ingredients that were helping her lose weight, were also making her terribly SICK…

The same ingredients in all of these boxed-up, food diets were harming my mother and DAMAGING her health. Even though she was losing weight, her body was not able to handle all of these TOXIC ingredients.

I realized there was a whole underground system of shady food business practices that they never tell us about.

These giant corporations know that if this LEAKS to the public, their profits and stock prices would drop faster than rain drops from the sky on a stormy day!

This of course set me on a collision course with the truth.  The truth about what’s really in the foods that we eat. Even in the most “popular health” foods on the market.

There Are Hundreds, Even Thousands of Toxic Ingredients That Food Manufactures Use And It Could Take You Months or Years to Dissect All of That Information

-Would you like to know the exact foods you must avoid to eliminate heart disease, cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and arthritis?

-Do you want to know what foods you should be substituting for the toxic variations to burn 232% more fat, heal your joints, protect your heart, improve your memory and look 10 years younger?

-Wouldn’t it be cool to have a reference guide available at your finger tips anytime you saw a strange ingredient on a food label that you didn’t recognize?

-You have to admit this is something that you and your family’s health could benefit from, don’t you agree?

Well If You Answered “Yes” To Any One Of These Questions Above, Then You’ll Want To Keep Reading…

Because can you REALLY afford to get sick from not knowing the truth about these TOXIC food ingredients?

After all, the evidence proves it’s not only harming your body and putting a major strain on your health… it’s putting a dent in your wallet too!

The Only Person That Can Save Your Health is YOU And It All Starts Today

For example, did you know that the cost of healthcare is SOARING to record highs and it does not look like there is an end in sight. According to Forbes.com, the new Obama Care law that has just passed is expected to increase the annual cost per household up to $7,450/year.docpat

This is OUTRAGEOUS and the more you eat these TOXIC ingredients, the MORE you will be FORCED to visit your doctor due to the health problems you will experience.  Even worse, imagine if you are diagnosed with diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, or cancer.

This means you will become a lifelong patient in the system and have to pay these fees for the rest of your life.

According to a recent study by Dr. Wallach, a patient diagnosed with diabetes is worth $750,000 from the time they are diagnosed until death. And get this, Type II Diabetes did not even exist 100 years ago.ham_money

It is obvious that the food industry is relying on you to eat their TOXIC ingredients so they can keep you in their system of never ending payments and struggles. If you don’t believe me, then take a look at the recent passing of the Monsanto Act.

A law that essentially lets the Monsanto Company do whatever they want to the food they process with no rules, regulations, or punishment. They have complete and total control to do whatever they want, especially when it comes to genetically engineering most crops, seeds, and plants and the U.S. government allowed this happen. 

Stop being fooled by these giant food companies and NEVER waste another penny on these harmful foods that are destroying your health. Instead, use a PROVEN System that can eliminate all of these health side effects once and for all.

Here’s A Little More of Who I Am and Why You Should Listen to Me…

anthonyI’m Anthony Alayon.  I’m a best-selling fitness author, certified fitness trainer and sports nutritionist.  I’ve also written for some of the top publications in the world like Natural Muscle Magazine, Bliss Magazine, About.com (A New York Times Company) and dozens of other authority web sites.

I thought I had health and fitness all figured out until I discovered how toxic these ingredients were.  I would go to the grocery store, bring my phone with me and type in the ingredient I could barely pronounce to stay healthy.  I ended up spending 2-3 hours doing this and thought there has to be a better way.  I would literally have to read and do research when all I was trying to do was buy some groceries.

I was telling my clients about the harmful ingredients and now they were all doing the same thing at the grocery store.  It became such a big hassle.  I couldn’t keep doing it with my busy schedule.

Even when I went to the best places like Whole Foods, I thought it would get easier, but these foods were chock full of toxins as well.

I knew there had to be a better way.  There must be an app or something to make this easier.  I searched high and low but one didn’t exist.  So I knew I would need this for the rest of my life.

So I went out and hired a bunch of guys that were smarter than me at software and development.  I spent $1,000’s and 100’s of hours to build a database to have healthier food alternatives to replace these harmful ingredients.

Initially I built this for myself and a select few private clients.  My clients raved about how easy it is to use.  Now for the first time ever I am going to release this out to the general public.

Introducing The World’s First & Only Toxic Food Label Decoder That Uncovers Dangerous Ingredients in Your Favorite Health Foods in Just 10 Seconds or Less

The Truth About Food Ingredients 1 click Toxifact Tool is a powerful piece of software that is designed to be used on any phone or device small enough that it can be taken with you to the grocery store.

Plug any food ingredient into the powerful software, and it’ll tell you if that food item contains any hidden, toxic ingredients that you must avoid.  It is that simple.

It’ll be like having your own personal expert dietitian with you every time you step into the grocery store. A $97 value on it’s own, but you won’t be paying that.

Here’s an Example of How Easy and Simple It Is to Use This Software…

Step #1: Search for Food Ingredient

Step 1 - Search For Ingredient Final

Step #2: Click The Orange
Search Ingredients Button

Step 2 - Click The Orange Button Final

Step #3: Check Toximeter to See If
Ingredient is Good or Bad

Step 3 - Look at Toximeter Final

As You Can See The World’s First and ONLY Food Label Decoder Can Instantly Uncover Practically Any “Hidden” Ingredient in Your Food and Replace it With a Healthier Alternative in 10 Seconds So You CAN…


  • Burn Off Up to 232% More Stubborn Belly Fat in HALF The Time.
  • Activate ALL of Your Body’s Fat Burning Hormones
  • Cleanse Your Body From Dangerous Toxins FOREVER…
  • Protect Your Heart and Normalize Your Blood Pressure
  • Improve Your Memory and Defeat Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Supercharge Your Energy Levels to Feel Like Your 20 Again
  • Heal Your Body from Aches and Pains o That You Can Move Freely Again
  • Fight Diabetes and High Blood Sugar
  • Plus, TONS of Other Health Benefits…

That’s How Powerful And Simple This
10 Second Solution” Is Especially Since I’ve Done All The Work For You Below…

This simple solution is laid out for you in a step-by-step blueprint.  All of the guess work is taken out for you. For the first time in history, you will know exactly, what is causing your health and body to suffer and what you can do to FIX it today.

It Doesn’t Stop There…

The ToxiFact Tool also comes with some amazing bonus reading material that dives deep in the “Dark Side Of Nutrition” labels and tells you exactly which of your favorite foods, even “health” foods contain some of the worlds worst toxic chemicals.

The same chemicals and ingredients approved by the FDA, but can still cause a host of diseases such as heart disease, cancer, Alzheimer’s, arthritis, plus many more.  So here’s the bonus material below.

Here’s The ENTIRE Truth About Food Ingredients Bonus Package Laid Out For You Step by Step: 

Bonus #1: Truth About Artificial Sweeteners

Helps to Fight Diabetes and Fix Your Blood Sugar

($27 Value)


Let’s face it…we all have a sweet tooth and want to enjoy a nice dessert at times. And you may be thinking that a “ZERO” sugar dessert label is healthy for you when this could not be any further from the truth.

Inside of this manual, you will discover the “evil” foods you eat that contain artificial sweeteners and how they are RUINING your health. I will also disclose the solution to how you can eat your desserts without the CRAZY health side effects using natural alternatives.

Bonus #2: Truth About Artificial Flavors & Coloring

Helps to Normalize Your Blood Pressure, Heal Your Joints, Fight Cancer and Cleanses Your Body From Harmful Toxins

($17 Value)

truthabout_artificial Have you ever wondered what makes the food you eat so colorful and tasty? Well chances are these foods contain “hidden” ingredients lurking in them, causing damage to your body’s vital organs. Even worse, some of these flavorings and colors are ILLEGAL in some countries due to the health risks.

Inside this reference guide, you will learn which foods are harmful for your health and some natural alternatives that can prevent these unwanted problems from occurring.

Bonus #3: Truth About Food Additives

Helps to Protect Your Heart, Supercharge Your Energy Levels, and Fight Cancer

($27 Value)


Have you ever looked at the back of a nutrition label where it says “Other Ingredients”? Well, chances are a majority of these are harmful for your body UNLESS you get the facts about what they do.

Inside this reference guide, you will discover the truth about certain food additives that are being placed in the foods you eat every day.  You will know which one is deteriorating your health and which one is helping to boost your health and vitality.

Bonus #4: Truth About Preservatives and Oils

Helps You Burn Up to 232% MORE Stubborn Fat, Cleanse Your Body From Toxins and Fixes Your Digestion

($37 Value)

truth_preservatives Food preservatives are arguably the #1 villain that is deteriorating your health today. You see, in order to increase the shelf life of a food item, preservatives are added to extend the expiration date.

However, these ingredients are harmful and many of them damage our health, and increase the likelihood of disease. Inside this reference manual, you will see who the villains are and healthy alternatives to continuing to eat the foods you love without the side effects.

Bonus #5: Truth About Deceptive Food Labels

Allows You to Know Which Foods KILL Stomach Fat,
Aids in Digestion and Makes You Look
and Feel 10 Years Younger

($17 Value)

3 an Just because a food label says “Organic”, “Healthy”, “All-Natural”, “Low Calorie”, Zero Grams of Sugar”, does NOT mean it is healthy. That is correct! Even the foods that say “Organic”, does not mean it is 100% organic.

There are still some ingredients NOT required to be labeled which is why it is so tricky to eat healthy.

However, all of this trickery ends with this manual as I debunk all of the myths surrounding food labels and give you the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth regarding the “shady” food labels that the giant corporations don’t tell you about.

Bonus #6: Truth About Water

Helps to Improve Your Memory
and Fight Alzheimer’s Disease

($17 Value)

truth_water Drinking clean water is vital for our health as we would not survive without it. Over 70% of our bodies consist of water. However, a MAJORITY of the fountain water, and even bottled water, contains a TOXIC ingredient that they didn’t bother telling you about.

This is scary given the amounts we drink throughout the year. Inside the manual, you will see the type of water to AVOID and how you to ensure you are not drinking the “dangerous” ingredients lurking in the water system.

Bonus #7: FREE LIFETIME Updates

When you grab the entire Truth About Foods package today, along with the powerful Toxic Fact Tool, you’ll be granted immediate LIFETIME updates absolutely FREE.

Nutrition and information is always changing and I plan on being on the front lines of dissecting the truth from lies.

That’s why when you grab this powerful, eye-opening system today at the low one-time investment below, you’ll be immediately updated on any developments that come out of the world of nutrition and dietary practices that may be harming your health.

This alone is a $97 value, however your’s today absolutely free and included.

Not only are you going to get The ToxiFact Tool valued at $97 and over $120 worth of bonus learning material, but imagine the time you’re going to save by not having to research these ingredients yourself.  Imagine how much healthier you’ll be and longer you’ll be able to live because you’ve rid your body from these toxins.  The best part is…

Regular Price: $239

Today Only $17


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Here’s Just Some More Of What You’re Going To Find Inside The Toxifact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients Package Today…


Try it First and Then Make Your Final Decision…

If for ANY reason you don’t feel the ToxiFact Tool and Truth About Food Ingredients bonus material is the best health investment you’ve ever made, then send us an email within 60 days and we’ll refund your money with zero hassle or questions asked.


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And Here’s Just What Some Of The
World’s Top Experts Have To Say…


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When You Make The Smart Decision to Invest in “The ToxiFact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients They Never Told You About”,You’ll…

  • Destroy unwanted belly fat & activate your body’s fat burning hormone’s to burn up to 232% more calories. In a matter of week’s, you’ll be able to drop a few pant sizes and feel your very best.
  • Cleanse your body from harmful toxins FOREVER so that you can supercharge your energy levels, never feel sluggish again and boost your metabolism to an all-time high.
  • Rid your body of aches and pains by defeating inflammation in your body. There’s no reason to take expensive and dangerous prescription medication. Simply replace some of the foods
    you’ve been eating with healthier alternatives and the pain will disappear.
  • SLOW the aging process down to a complete crawl by replacing your food with some simple swaps that will help you look and feel 10 years younger instantly.
  • Protect your brain, improve your memory, fight high blood pressure, and fix your blood sugar so that you can avoid doctor’s and remain as focused as you’ve ever been.
  • Plus, MUCH More…

… Don’t miss out on this LIMITED TIME discount price!

It’s Your Body and Right Now You’ve Got 2 Choices…Which Do You REALLY Prefer?

Option #1: You can continue to stay in the dark about the “hidden and TOXIC” food ingredients you eat every day that are DESTROYING your health one meal at a time. You can hope to find a way to eliminate them yourself by doing the research on your own, which could take months or even years of hard work. You could also hire a nutritionist on your own, which could cost you hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in consulting fees.


Option #2: You can follow a simple to use PROVEN plan that will tell you EXACTLY which foods you are eating that are causing your health to deteriorate and what to do to AVOID them like the plague. Everything is “Done For You” in one simple to follow system so that you get “real results” in as little as 1 hour.

Obviously, the choice is clear. Just go with Option #2 right now and grab your copy of The ToxiFact Tool & “Truth About Food Ingredients” system by clicking here now.


Anthony Alayon


P.S. Don’t forget, with our no-questions-asked, 100% Money Back Guarantee you have 60 days to use The ToxiFact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients and to make sure it is the best health investment you have EVER made. Get your no-risk copy by clicking here now.

P.P.S. If you’re still wondering if this is right for you, just read the questions and answers below.

Q: Is The ToxiFact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients System For Men or Women?

This system is designed for both men and women who want to know what they are putting in their bodies. The truth is that both men and women need to consume what Mother Nature intended for us to eat. The problem is many of the foods we eat are disguised as healthy but are destroying our organs without us knowing. With this program, you will know exact what you need to eat to live a healthy life.

Q: Do I Have To Eat The Same Boring Foods Every Day?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!! This is yet again one of the common myths regarding your health that I address in the ToxiFact Tool & Truth About Food Ingredients System. In fact, I give you the best selection of natural alternatives to eat so you are not restricted to some boring diet that is impossible to follow.

Q: Will The Principles Taught In This System Work For People of All Ages?” Of course they do! The System is designed to work for teenagers all the way to grandparents who want to be more health conscious.

Q: Do I Need To Be In Good Shape or Exercise To Start?

NO!!! There is no exercise required to begin using the principles in this program. Also, the food alternatives are designed to give you a variety of superfoods to choose from so you will never get bored from the same old diet.

Q: Is This Program For Fat Burning Or Building Muscle?

Neither. This program is designed to restore your health and eliminate any TOXIC ingredients that may be slowly causing your health to deteriorate. However, as a side effect, you may lose weight due to the change in your diet. If you exercise and lift weights, you may notice an increase in muscle and energy as well.

Q: How Long Does It Take To Notice Results?

You will immediately notice results within the first week of applying the concepts in this system. All you have to do is follow the proven plan I give you and you will instantly have more energy and vitality. The key is to use the alternative foods in your diet consistently to see the results.

Q: Will I Be Required To Buy Supplements To Be Successful With This Program?

ABSOLUTELY NOT!!! My program does not require you to take some supposed “miracle pill” or “cleansing” over the counter juice. If you have not noticed by now, they do not work without the right diet. By simply taking a pill, you will get nothing but an empty wallet at the end of the day.

Q: How much Time Will I Have To Spend Shopping For Foods?

All you have to do is reference the manual, make a list of healthy choices and that is it. Bring this list with you to the grocery store, or restaurant and you are all set! I have done all the hard work for you!

Q: I Do Like Your System But Am A Bit Scared Of Using A Credit Card Over The Internet. What Assurance Do I Have That My Information Will Be Secure And Safe?

I do realize that many people are skeptical about giving their credit card information over the Internet. However, ordering online is actually safer than giving your credit card information over the phone because the person you are talking to has access to it.

Ordering online is different because nobody sees your information except for the merchant bank. We use SSL (Secured Socket Layers) technology, which does not allow any of your information to be shared with third parties including the owners of the web site.

Being an accountant, I practice what is known as professional skepticism. I was once scared of purchasing online until SSL technology came out. Now, I purchase items frequently online. As a matter of fact, other than grocery shopping, over 50% of my purchases come from the Internet.

Q: I want to start getting results now: do I have to wait for you to ship me the program before I get started?

No! This entire program will be available immediately right after you make your investment and purchase. There are no hidden shipping fees or waiting for results!

Q: What If I live In Another Country and Have A Different Currency?

Our secured credit card processor will convert your currency regardless of what country you live in.