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What If Your Favorite “Junk” Foods… Like Mac and Cheese, Tacos, Brownies and Even Ice Cream… Aren’t The Ones Making You Fat?




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anthonyHi, I’m Anthony Alayon. And the truth is, even though these delicious foods get all the blame…

The latest medical research shows they’re NOT the real culprits. In fact, many of these so-called “bad” foods can actually speed up your metabolism and help you burn fat.

That’s why in today’s short but eye-opening presentation, I’m exposing the dirty food industry secrets that REALLY make you gain weight…

The common food ingredients hiding in plain sight that literally force your body to store fat. And I’m not talking about sugar or carbs.

Keep reading, and you’ll finally have “x-ray vision” to spot these hidden additives so you can start enjoying your favorite foods again. And not just on “cheat day” – but every day.

Most important: You’ll learn how to get rid of these sneaky food traps that stop your weight loss in its tracks. Including three foods you MUST avoid to start burning fat and keep it from coming back.

When you do, you’ll finally “reboot” your healthy, fat-burning metabolism by storing less of every bite you eat as ugly fat and cellulite.

And it gets even better…

Because if you’ve ever hit a “plateau” where you just can’t lose any more weight no matter what you do or how hard you try…

You’re finally about to learn the secret to melting away 

YOUR MOST “IMPOSSIBLE” STUBBORN FAT. The last 10, 15 or 20 pounds in your problem areas that resists any diet or exercise plan

measureBest of all? When you use this one weird tip to break free of the “toxic fat” that’s holding you back… You’re going to experience a renewed energy, motivation and vitality that makes morning fogginess and “afternoon slumps” a thing of the past.

In fact, just by ridding your body of these toxic ingredients, you may even be adding years to your lifespan and cutting your risk of cancer, “Type 2” diabetes and other serious health problems down the line.

All without calorie or “point” counting… workouts or weird exercise gadgets… dangerous diet pills… or sacrificing your favorite foods.

This is like nothing you’ve seen before online, on TV or in any magazine because it’s going to give you more time for you – not less.

girllipMore energy, not just another chore.

More freedom to pick the foods YOU want to eat and enjoy them worry-free – NOT a restrictive diet that deprives you of delicious foods and pummels you with guilt.

So keep reading to the end – because I promise, what I share with you in the next few minutes is going to make your day (in a big, big way)…

And just so you know upfront: Everything you hear today is backed up by 100% factual peer-reviewed scientific and medical studies. It’s the reason you’ll sometimes see a little number like this1 as we go along. They match the references at the bottom of this page showing you the cutting-edge research behind the surprising discoveries I’m sharing with you.

It’s important that you know – beyond a shadow of doubt – THAT everything I share with you here is supported by solid research because the fact is…

Even though I’ve been a Certified Sports Nutritionist and trainer for 14 years, I almost didn’t believe the truth myself at first. Even when a near-tragedy made it impossible to ignore.

You see, I thought I had health and nutrition all figured out… Until the afternoon I received that life-changing phone call.

It was my mom… 

And she was calling from the car to tell me that one of her co-workers

was rushing her to the hospital with excruciating chest pains.


emergencyMy mind started racing: Was she having a heart attack at only 58 years old? Would this be the last time I spoke to my mother? Would I make it to the hospital in time to see her one last time?

When I arrived at the hospital, mom was surrounded by doctors… and they had already started running tests. They couldn’t explain exactly what caused the chest pains. But thankfully, they assured us there was no severe damage and she was free to go home.

But the relief had barely worn off a week later when the chest pains returned again… sending my mom rushing back to the emergency room for the SECOND time in less than a month.

This time my dad and I pressed the doctors hard for answers – yet all we got was a run-around.

Well, once was bad enough – but two hospital visits in a row? Now I knew something wasn’t adding up. After all, my mom didn’t have a family history of heart disease, and she didn’t have a ton of stress in her life, either…

So being the health nut that I am, I took matters into my own hands. I started asking more and more questions… desperately looking for anything she was doing different. Anything that might explain the chest pains before they came back a third time – when she might not be as “lucky”.

Finally, mom confided that she was following one of those popular diets advertised in magazines and TV commercials. She even lost over 25 pounds on it…

But instead of feeling healthy and energized…

All the packaged microwaved diet plan dinners were only making her

FEEL TIRED. And pretty soon, the WEIGHT LOSS STOPPED, too.


It seemed like a long shot, but… could these diet meals somehow be ruining my mom’s health and sending her to the hospital?

All my nutrition training said I must be imagining things… but this was my mom. I couldn’t just let it go.

ingreSo I started looking at the nutrition labels on those microwave dinners. You know, labels like this one that you’ll see on the back of any packaged food at the supermarket…

Hmm… nothing suspicious there, I thought. Just the usual proteins, carbs and fats. But then I looked closer at a part of the label I’d never really paid much attention to before – because all the nutrition textbooks skipped right over it.

You see this bottom part of the label here … the part with all the unpronounceable “other ingredients” and no information about how much of them the food contains?

It’s the part I started calling the “Dark Side” of the nutrition label… because it’s about as transparent as the dark side of the moon…


And even though it took me over 5 months of research, pouring through the dense scientific journals where the evidence was buried…

I finally cracked the code to reading between the lines of gibberish the food industry spends millions to cover up.

And this secret has everything to do with the real reason why you can wear yourself out trying to get rid of fat and cellulite that clings to your arms, your thighs, your belly and your butt… And still not lose any weight.

You see, you may have heard how fat allows your body to store “surplus” energy for later – so the more calories you eat that you don’t burn off, the more you gain weight. Kinda makes sense, right?

Well, that’s only part of the story.

You see, here’s what even a lot of nutritionists are never told about fat: 

Your Fat Cells Aren’t Just For Storing Energy. Your Body Also Uses Fat Cells


formof_celluliteJust like many of the ugly chemicals hiding on the “Dark Side” of the label on everyday foods and beverages.

When your body detects a toxin in your system that it can’t get rid of any other way, it locks it away inside fat cells to keep it safely away from your metabolism and your major organs.

And the more toxins your body needs to protect you from?

That’s right – the bigger your fat cells become, and the more fat cells your body has to make just to keep up.

And this doesn’t just affect a few people… In fact, as far back as the 1980’s a government-funded study analyzed fat cells from donated human cadavers… and found high levels of toxins trapped in 100% of the samples!

Scientists are calling these fat-making toxins “obesogens” because 

they literally force your body TO STORE AWAY MORE AND MORE FAT 

regardless of how many calories you consume

or how “healthy” you try to eat.

girlmeasureThis toxic fat explains why you can lose some weight on a new diet or exercise routine… only to hit a wall where your fat loss grinds to a halt.

It also explains why you can begin a new diet feeling great… only to suddenly wake up feeling tired and sick:

What’s happening is, you’ve burned through your un-contaminated “normal” fat… and suddenly hit a “plateau” where your body stubbornly resists every effort to release a layer of harmful, toxic fat.

After all, your body is only trying its best to protect you… Because if you do manage to burn some “toxic fat”, you feel it right away as it drains your energy and makes a trip to the gym feel like climbing Mount Everest.



In fact, studies show that when these trapped toxins are released into your system, your levels of a crucial thyroid hormone called T3 plummeti – slowing your metabolism to a crawl.

Meanwhile, you may actually start gaining weight back and feeling bloated as your body retains water in a last-ditch attempt to dilute the toxins overflowing into your system.

And the only thing that makes you feel better at that point? Giving into your cravings and stuffing yourself – allowing your body to pull the toxins back out of your blood and insulate them with new protective fat.

If this vicious cycle sounds a lot like “yo-yo dieting,” you’re right… And the worst part is, this toxic fat tends to accumulate right in your worst problem areas. Leaving you with a diet-proof layer of blubber that keeps you from the body you deserve.

But, it actually gets worse, because that’s only the toxins your body can recognize for the poisons they really are…

Believe it or not, the ones your body doesn’t lock up inside your fat cells can be even more destructive.

These sneaky toxins “trick” your body into absorbing them. Allowing them to wreak havoc on your metabolism, your appetite and your cravings – making it even harder for you to lose weight and keep it off.

Now, trust me, there is good news coming, but it’s my duty to arm you with the information you need to fight these deadly toxins and win …

The latest science shows you’ve actually got


METABOLISM and WEIGHT LOSS in not one but TWO nasty ways:


There are toxins that your body recognizes right away as poisons and locks up inside your fat cells. This leaves with you with “toxic fat” that you can’t simply diet or exercise away. 


There are the poisons that slip right past your body’s defenses to wreck your metabolism, make you crave junk food and possibly even kill you. 

And if there were only a few of these toxins, maybe you wouldn’t have so much to worry about. You could just memorize a handful of things to look for hiding in the “other ingredients” on food labels, and voila! Problem solved…

Believe me, I wish it was that easy. But here’s the absolute WORST part:

The food companies hide these toxic ingredients behind dozens and dozens of different names.i Heck, you’d need to be a world memory champion just to remember all the names for artificial sweeteners alone.




Must-Avoid Food #1:


So, to illustrate how your body reacts to these “everyday poisons”, let’s take bisphenol A.

For example… If you try to eat clean and exercise and you still suffer from “cottage cheese” cellulite, this nasty chemical may be the culprit.i

It’s found in many plastic bottles and metal food cans.

And once it gets past your defenses, it reprograms fat cells near the surface of your skin to hold more and more fat… until they finally burst, leaving ugly bumps behind.

Quick tip to avoid BPA:
Replace canned soup with soup in a carton.

And look for the words, “BPA Free” on any bottled water or juice you put in your shopping cart.


Must-Avoid Food #2:


Aspartame is in hundreds of brands of soda and other foods and beverages as an “artificial sweetener” designed to give you a sweet taste without the calories.

Sounds good, except for the studies showing it raises your risk for cancer… And if it doesn’t manage to kill you, it will definitely make it tougher for you to lose weight as it staves off beneficial digestive bacteria you need in your intestines and pushes your blood sugar levels towards diabetes.

Aspartame actually increases your dependence on sugar and makes you crave sugar and carbs.

Quick tip to avoid aspartame: You can cut down your exposure to Aspartame starting right away by avoiding “diet” sodas. They’re actually worse for your waistline and your metabolism than the “regular” kind.


Must-Avoid Food #3:


Look no further than Monosodium Glutamate.

It’s an artificial flavoring added to countless foods. And it happens to make you 30% more likely to gain weight by interfering with Leptin, the hormone that tells your brain that you’re “full” – causing you to you overeat.i

MSG sounds easy enough to remember, right?

Except food manufacturers hide it behind at least 53 different names – including many foods you would never suspect, like salad dressings.

Quick tip to avoid MSG: Dressings (ex: Ranch) are especially likely to contain this metabolism-killing ingredient.

So either avoid it entirely, or take a close look at the label before you buy.

So Why Aren’t Popular Diet Programs All Over These Toxic Food Ingredients?

weightwatchMaybe because the $280 billion food industry is “double dipping” by buying up many of the biggest names in the diet and weight loss market. Who owns Weight Watchers? Heinz. Who owns Jenny Craig? Nestle.

So not only have these food companies successfully lobbied the government to let them put suspected cancer-causing ingredients in your food (without the warning you’d find on a pack of cigarettes)…

They’re slowly taking over the diet industry that’s supposed to help us, too. Small wonder the packaged “diet foods” my mom was eating contained a toxic cocktail of hidden ingredients that sent her rushing to the E.R.…

You can probably sense all of this gets me angry – but I’m not telling you all this just to vent…





1) I want you to know 100% that if you’ve struggled over and over to lose weight and you think you’ve tried absolutely everything – it’s absolutely NOT your fault. It’s not your genetics, it’s not your willpower, and it’s not your imagination – you’ve been caught up in a multi-billion-dollar lie that makes most people quit even trying to lose weight. So you should feel good about even being here on this page. I mean that.

2) After months and months of research, I finally have GOOD NEWS to share with you:

You see, after combing through countless studies, research papers and journals and comparing them with thousands of items in the supermarket aisles…

I finally identified…

101 TOXIC INGREDIENTS that you absolutely MUST avoid if you want a healthy metabolism, easy weight loss and all-day energy.

Not only that… to help my mom get her health back, I designed a frustration-proof 4-step process that :

  • Lets you identify suspect ingredients…
  • Find out which foods contain those toxic additives at a glance…
  • Know the risks… and easily pick a healthier alternatives
  • Without any “restricted” foods or adding zero’s to your grocery bill.

mywifeIt’s almost like having the food industry’s secret “little black book”…

It worked so well, pretty soon I was sharing this simple system around with more and more friends and family members.

And after my wife tried it and managed to quickly lose 30 pounds and 3 dress sizes by cutting some of these hidden ingredients out of her diet, she said, “Anthony, you have to let people know about this.”

She convinced me to spread the word and share my system with unsuspecting people caught in the same health-destroying trap she was, no matter where you live in the world…

A system that I call exactly what it is:



It’s the first and only program designed to let you easily avoid the toxic additives in thousands of foods and beverages that secretly make you fat and ruin your metabolism…

And inside, get ready to cringe at what’s really in the foods you put in your shopping cart as you discover…

articolor_bookThe Truth About Artificial Colorings and Flavorings like the “Red Velvet” dye that plays havoc with your thyroid while it raises your breast cancer risk…
artisweet_bookThe Truth About Artificial Sweeteners – Think Aspartame is bad? Wait until you see the sugar substitute that breaks down into fromaldehyde in your stomach…

drinkingwater_bookThe Truth About Water  Yes, even your water (bottled or from the tap) may have hidden toxins – including one that suppresses your thyroid and slows your metabolism… 
foodlabel_bookThe Truth About Food Labels – Including a cheatsheet for the food industry’s favorite “weasel words” and what they REALLY mean (Think you know what “Organic” or “Natural” means? Think again)

cookingoil_bookThe Truth About Preservatives & Cooking Oil  Studies link one sneaky “vegetable oil” found in some sodas and sports drinks is now known to trigger tiredness, headaches, memory loss – and even skin lesions… 
foodadd_bookThe Truth About Food Additives – Studies link one additive found in some popular foods to premature aging, weight gain, thyroid complications, headaches and even severe depression…

And much more.

Can you imagine how much faster and easier you’ll lose even your most stubborn weight… even your most “diet-proof” cellulite… once you finally rid your body of the hidden toxins that have been forcing your body to gain and retain fat?

Can you picture how much more energy, health and vitality you’ll wake up with every single morning once your metabolism springs back to life… banishing brain fog and fatigue and giving you entire productive hours of your day back?

And it gets even better…

Because with The Truth About Food Ingredients, you’re not only getting the full 243-page “black book” that finally puts you on a level playing field with the food industry…


You’re Also Getting The All-New TOXIFACTTM Tool That Lets You

Get The TRUTH About Any “Unpronounceable” Food Ingredient

With the Click Of A Button.



TOXIFACTTMThe Truth About Food Ingredients

Simply enter the ingredient in the search box… click “Search Ingredients”… and you’ll get all the facts you need right at your fingertips. Including a Toxic Meter “score” that tells you the level of danger to your health and your waistline – from green (don’t worry about it) to red (avoid at all costs).

This web-based tool works on any computer you own – Mac or PC. And most important, you can even take it with you anywhere you go on any mobile phone that lets you access the Web!

That means you can take the entire ToxifacTM database right into the supermarket aisles and get “x-ray vision” to spot even the sneakiest food additives before they can even get into your shopping cart…

Bottom line: This powerful toxin-beating system will work for you whether you’re in your 20’s or your 50’s…

  • Even if it’s easier for you to gain weight than lose it right now…
  • Even if you feel like you can’t lose weight no matter how much you diet and exercise…
  • Even if you gain weight when you eat next to nothing…
  • Even if you have terrible cravings… “big bones”… a family history of obesity… a thyroid condition… bad genetics… a super-busy schedule…
  • And yes – even if you think you’ve tried everything!

burgergirlNow, it’s still important that you understand this is not a “quick fix” or “magic pill” that’s going to give you a perfect “bikini body” overnight. Especially if you’ve been unknowingly storing hidden food toxins in your fat cells for years.

But at the same time, I can promise you this IS going to be far easier than any typical “diet” you’ve tried – Because there’s no calorie-counting, or meal portions, or other harsh rules you have to follow. There’s no point system or massive list of restricted foods. There’s no monthly subscription or pre-packaged frozen meals and supplements to buy, or extreme exercise plan…


Just a simple, “avoid this, eat this instead” list of toxic ingredients that still lets you eat your favorite foods without the harmful additives that normally come along for the ride.

Now, with the high prices that diet marketers charge for gimmicks that don’t even work…

You may be thinking that the Truth About Food Ingredients program and the Toxifact™ one-click ingredients tool will cost you quite a bit more than that…

And in all honesty? Since this gives you the unique ability to finally get past the “toxic plateau” that ruins most diets and exercise programs… it really should cost a lot more… HOWEVER:

I’ll get to the price and a special discount you’re getting today by ordering from this page in just a moment…

Because first, you need to know that when you get access to The Truth About Food Ingredients program today…


You’re ALSO getting a specially created free bonus report I call the Cravings Survival Guide!

carvingThe Cravings Survival Guide – You see, I quickly realized that one of the hardest things to overcome when you start avoiding toxic food ingredients is the cravings that many of them leave behind.

Have you ever had a craving that just wouldn’t go away… that just kept coming back like water torture until you couldn’t keep your mind on anything else and you gave in just to be able to think straight again?

That’s no accident: Food companies spend millions researching ways to get you practically addicted to their most poisonous products. In fact, they exploit many of the same factors that cause people to become hooked on illegal drugs – just to keep them coming back for more.i




The good news is… With the Cravings Survival Guide, you can still eat your favorite delicious foods – because this isn’t all or nothing. It’s about making better choices, not “perfect” choices. This way, every day feels like a “cheat day” – even as the pounds fall off.

YES – that means you can still savor your favorite dishes like mac and cheese, tacos, brownies, even ice cream! All without the cravings that can make you lose control.

Print out a copy (or keep it handy right on your phone) and you’ll effortlessly avoid metabolism-slowing, fat-storing foods and the “food comas” that go with them… and still never feel deprived. The foods that used to drain your energy and get in the way of the body you deserve? You won’t even miss them!

Still, even with this additional free bonus, you won’t even pay the $250 I charge my nutrition and training clients for just one single hour of my time… let alone the months of work and thousands of dollars that went into creating the Truth About Food Ingredients program.

Actually, because I want to get this crucial system into the hands of as many people just like my mom, my wife and my friends who NEED this information… At least for today, you won’t even pay half of that.

You won’t even pay the original “rock bottom” $67 price I decided to charge for this program before I even added the Toxifact™ one-click tool or the Cravings Survival Guide bonus.

In fact, your total investment today for everything you’ve heard about is just ONE single payment of…

Regular Price:





I’m pricing The Truth About Food Ingredients this low because I don’t even want you to have to hesitate for a second to get this in your hands and finally get out from under the toxic burden that keeps you from the slim, sexy, healthy body you deserve.


By the way, I also want you to know that even at this price, you’re still completely protected by my 100% money-back refund guarantee for a full 60 days from today. So if you need an extra push in the right direct, just realize that you don’t even need to decide today: All I ask is that you say “maybe” to the program right now…

And all you need to do to get started right now is click the big, inviting orange button below on this page.

Since The Truth About Food Ingredients is 100% “digital,” you’ll get instant online access to everything in the program and all the bonuses with zero waiting and no shipping costs… PLUS:

Your free Cravings Survival Guide bonus… just for taking immediate action today!

And unlike a gimmicky diet or hyped-up “insane” workout, this one is guaranteed to work…

Not by some empty promise, either – but a REAL guarantee that puts all the risk on me where it belongs:

Try it first for up to 60 days – and see the results you desire or you pay absolutely nothing!

Plus, I’m with you every step of the way:

At any time, you’re just minutes away from an answer from me or one of my friendly support staff…

So don’t put this off – and click the big orange button to get started right now.

Regular Price:





Remember: The fact that you’re on this page and you’re still reading tells me that nothing you’ve tried up to now has worked for you. And that means there are really only three roads you can take from here:

You can ignore everything you’ve read on this page and go back to trying the next “fad diet” or workout plan advertised online or on TV – hoping that maybe this time, all your effort and willpower will finally pay off… even though deep down you know better… OR…

You could take the information you’ve seen here and try to put together your own guide to toxic food ingredients and how to avoid them – if you have months to spare reading scientific journals in your spare time… OR…

You can make the smart choice, and get everything handed to you when you grab The Truth About Food Ingredients for just one payment of $39 today – knowing you’re completely protected for a full two months by my 100% money-back guarantee.

Yes! I Want to take advantage of this amazing offer today 

Remember, everything is just a quick download away so there’s no waiting and no “shipping and handling” charges.



Anthony Alayon

Certified Personal Trainer
Certified Nutritionist & Hard Kettlebell Certified
Writer for Natural Muscle Magazine
Featured in Bliss Magazine
Writer for Bodybuilding.About.com
Bodybuilding.com – Teen Bodybuilder of the Week



Frequently Asked Questions:

q Who will this program work for?
a I designed Truth About Food Ingredients program for my own family members and friends… And I decided to share it once I realized it could help literally anybody eliminate these toxic foods ingredients and get back the health and energy you deserve. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman. It doesn’t matter if you’re in your 20’s or your 50’s or older – this program will work for you.
q What’s included in this program exactly?
a Remember, with the Truth About Food Ingredients program, you’re not only getting the original “cheat sheet” guide to over 100 sneaky hidden ingredients that make you fat… You’re also getting the brand-new Toxifact™ online tool that lets you access everything at the click of a button. Toxifact™ works on any computer or even your mobile phone or tablet – so you don’t have to remember every ingredient to avoid. Instead, just tap any “other ingredient” you see on a food label into your phone in the grocery aisle and you’ll know immediately if it’s safe to eat! Plus, you’re getting free bonus access to my Cravings Survival Guide that helps you break free of addictive food ingredients the food industry uses to keep you coming back for more.
q Do I have to eat the same boring foods every day?
a Nope. One of the best parts about this program is that it doesn’t give you a list of “rules” or “restricted foods” you have to follow. Instead, it allows you to make healthier, fat-burning choices – and still enjoy the delicious foods you love. That also means The Truth About Food Ingredients will work with any healthy eating plan you’re already following – and make it even better!
q Do I need to be in good shape or exercise to start?
a No! The Truth About Food Ingredients is designed to help you finally get rid of your most stubborn “problem area” fat and cellulite forever – with no exercise program required. Even if every diet and workout plan you’ve tried has failed you in the past. And wherever you’re starting from today… the system will quickly help you jump-start your metabolism so you can feel your natural health, energy and vitality coming back.
q Is this program for fat burning or building muscle?
a The Truth About Food Ingredients is not like any typical “diet” may have tried. There are no restricted foods and no workouts – although you can use it along with any eating or exercise plan you may already be following. Instead, the program helps you eliminate hidden artificial food additives that force your body to store and hold onto fat. That means it will let you burn fat – even that “impossible” last 10, 15 or 20 pounds. And because it also helps you “reboot” your metabolism, it will also help you preserve muscle tone at the same time you’re losing fat.
q How long does it take to notice results?
a That depends on your goals and how much weight you want to lose. So I can’t make any promises about how quickly you’ll lose the exact amount of weight – it just wouldn’t be honest. But I can promise you that once you start the program, you’ll quickly start waking up with more energy and avoid “afternoon slumps” and tiredness… And you’ll also be re-vitalizing your health from the inside out – reducing your risk of serious conditions like diabetes and even cancer in the future. So you’ll feel great even before you start seeing results in the mirror and on your scale.

q Will I be required to buy supplements to be successful with this program?
a No! This program is about getting rid of fat-storing and harmful ingredients hiding in your food – NOT putting potentially dangerous “weight loss pills” into your body. In fact, you’ll find some of the same sneaky ingredients (like toxic food dyes) in many supplements.
q What happens after I click the order button?
a As soon as you click the button right below on this page, you’ll go straight to our secure checkout page to complete your order. Just to make sure your information stays 100% protected, you’ll notice a green “https” at the top of the checkout page when you’re entering your credit card. That means you’re protected by the same powerful security used by sites like Amazon.com to keep your order private and safe. Then, after you order, you can select the add-ons you prefer to help you get started even faster. And after that, simply click on the button that says, “Complete Your Order.” It’s that simple! And remember: You’re protected from day one by my 100% money-back guarantee for a full 60 days, no questions asked no matter what.
q Do I have to wait for you to ship me the program in the mail?
a No – because Truth About Food Ingredients is 100% digital, you’ll get instant online access. And you can download and use the program from any Internet-connected computer, tablet or mobile phone. That also means no waiting and zero shipping costs, so you save both time and money.
q What if I live outside the U.S.?
a Our secure checkout page will automatically accept your order in your local currency. And because the program is all digital, there are still zero shipping and handling charges no matter where you live. And that’s all the questions I’ve got right now…

Once again, all you need to do to get started is click the big orange button below. You’ll go directly to the checkout page where you can grab instant online access to the complete “Truth About Food Ingredients” system.

I’ll see you inside.

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